Horse-Drawn Carriages (Fiaker)

While there are now many different ways to travel around Vienna, the fiakers, horse-drawn carriages which have been transporting people in the city for centuries, are still a popular way for tourists to explore the historic centre.

Fiakers are horse-drawn carriages that offer tours around Vienna's historic center. During the experience in these centuries-old modes of transport, the traditionally costumed coachman entertains visitors with fascinating stories about the places along the route, giving a new perspective to the ancient city and revealing the secrets of its history.

A lasting tradition

The first fiaker license was issued in 1693 under the reign of Leopold I, and between 1860 and 1908 horse-drawn carriages became a popular mode of transport in Vienna, by which time more than 1000 of the coaches could be found on the roads of the city. 

These days, fiakers are less common, but those fancying a journey back in time can usually find a number of carriages parked near the Hofburg Palace and the city's other tourist hotspots.


Prices for a traditional ride in a fiaker are fixed and depend on the length of the route: a journey of 40 minutes costs 95 (US$ 100.90) and an hour is 120 (US$ 127.50)