The Stadtpark, or City Park, is a favourite of Viennese citizens and tourists alike. Open to the public since 1862, it is one of Vienna's oldest parks.

A stroll through Stadtpark

The oldest public park in Vienna, designed in the style of English landscape gardens, the Stadtpark stretches over 28 acres of land in the city. The Wien River divides it into two, and visitors can use a numer of small bridges to cross between the two sides.

One of the park's most photographed monuments is the statue of Johan Strauss, a gilded bronze sculpture built in 1921 in honour of the iconic Austrian composer

A stroll throughout the park would not be complete without a visit to one of its most important buildings, the Kursalon. Opened in 1867 as a spa pavilion where visitors could enjoy hydrotherapeutic treatments, it was soon turned into a concert hall isntead, and to this day hosts around 500 concerts and balls every year.

An ideal location

Stadtpark is located right in the heart of Vienna's centre, not far from other important sights including the State Opera, making it an excellent place to escape from the bustle of the city into its green oasis.


MetroStadtpark, line U4.
TramWeihburggasse, line 2.
BusStubentor, line 1A.

Nearby places

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