Imperial Carriage Museum

Imperial Carriage Museum

The Imperial Carriage Museum in Vienna contains one of the best collections of historic vehicles in the world. Discover the fascinating history of Austrian nobility through their vehicles.

Vienna's Imperial Carriage Museum contains one of the world's greatest collections of historic vehicles.

Located on the beautiful grounds of the Schonbrunn Palace, the Wagenburg museum houses more than 170 different vehicles, amongst which there are carriages, sedans, sleighs, and even a car that have belonged to different historic figures over the years.

Through these carriages, the music tells the story of Austria's fascinating past, allowing you to learn all about the lives of the people who traveled in these vehicles, including Maria Theresia, Franz Joseph I, and Empress Sisi.

The museum's permanent exhibitions also include one dedicated to the 'Queens of Hearts' of the 20th Century, which draws parallels between the beloved Empress Sisi and Princess Diana.

The most important carriages

Amongst the Imperial Carriage Museum's most important pieces on display are the Viennese court's funeral carriage, as used by Empress Sisi, the tiny children's car used by Napoleon's son, and the only surviving court automobile from 1914.

An absolute must-see

As well as its lavish vehicle collection, the Imperial Carriage Museum highlights the truly indulgent lifestyles of the Austrian nobility displaying other pieces such as luxurious clothing items and accessories. A truly interesting insight into the history of the country!


From the 15th of March to 29th November: 9 am to 5 pm
30th November to 31st December: 10 am to 4 pm


Adults: 12 (US$ 13)
Students and seniors: 11 (US$ 11.90)
Children under 19 years old: free entry
Visitors with Vienna Pass: free entry

Imperial Carriage Museum Ticket 12 (US$ 13)


Metro: Schonbrunn, line U4 (green line).
Tram: Schloss Schonbrunn, lines 10 and 58.
Bus: Schloss Schonbrunn, lines 10A and 63A.