Weather in Vienna

What is the best time of year to visit Vienna? Does it rain much in summer? How cold is it in the winter?

Vienna has a typically dry continental climate, with warm summers and cold (often bitterly so) winters. The city's average annual temperature is 9.5°C or 49.1° F.

Summer in Vienna

Generally, the hottest months of the year are June, July and August, although temperatures are rarely extremely high at any time. During the summer, the average temperature is 20°C or 68°F, with maximum temperatures reaching 26-27°C, or around 80°F.

It's important to bear in mind that while it rains throughout the year in Vienna, rainfall is most abundant during the summer months.

Winter in Vienna

December and January are usually the coldest months, with average temperatures of 0ºC or 32ºF, reaching lows of up to -5ºC or 23ºF.

Best time to visit Vienna

The most popular time to visit Vienna is the summer, thanks to its warm temperatures and longer hours of daylight, although this busier time of year may also mean higher prices and less availability.

You'll still enjoy the city's unique charm during the rest of the year: while slightly chillier, the spring and autumn months are still relatively mild in climate, and winter may be cold and snowy, but the spirit of holiday festivities is worth packing those extra layers!